Saturday, September 10, 2011

Loving the Concept | Leg Warmers for Toddlers

Leg warmers for toddlers is a great idea on so many levels. Obviously those who dance or who are addicted to "Flash Dance" already see the benefits of this classic accessory. But, for those of us who just don't get it, here's a list of why leg warmers for toddlers are so fabulous.

1. Hello? They are stinkin cute! There is a pattern to suit the fashion sense of even the smallest fashionista. From argyle and polka dots to trains, planes and automobiles.

Flower Mill Leg Warmers

2. They protect poor little knees when they are crawling around trying to look for a means of escape. especially on hard or hot surfaces.

Laughing Leopard Leg Warmers

3. Leg warmers for babies and toddlers make diaper changing a snap. Every mom knows, when they start to wiggle all hope is lost. You gotta be quick to change a go-go toddler diaper.

Rainbow Leg Warmers

4. Potty training is less of a mess. Let them run around, um... free. Leg warmers will keep them warm while maintaining, um ... accessibility.

Kaleidoscope Leg Warmers

5. They're cute! See #1. I mean, who says all the cute stuff is reserved for the tweens? The pre-school set is nothing if not on trend! They know what they like and they want it - now! Or, maybe after a cookie and an edge-of-your-seat episode of Sesame Street.

Flame Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Leg Warmers

BabyLegs Leg Warmers, Baby Socks and Girls Tights

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